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Thin Lips

It’s time for luscious lips.

How Do Lips Change?

Plump lips are the hallmark of a young mouth.

As young children, we have plump lips, a beautiful cupid’s bow, and a balance between upper and lower lips. As we age, the upper lip thins and descends, showing less of the red part and more of the skin above it.  In addition, even for those who don’t smoke, the upper lip often develops fine wrinkles that take away from its appearance.

How Do Fillers Help Lip Volume and Shape?

Dermal fillers, like Juvéderm®, Revance RHA Collection, and Restylane®, can restore volume and balance to the lips.

It is also important to properly shape and define the lips, rather than just adding volume.  A meticulous approach to lip injections means that surrounding chin creases, marionette lines, and other fine lines may need to be filled for a more complete result.

How We Help

There Are Different Lip Filling Techniques- Which One is For You?

Of course, it is then easier to apply lipstick without the lipstick running into the fine wrinkles.

By paying attention to the entire mouth unit, the entire area can be harmoniously rejuvenated. Our practitioners are trained in natural-appearing lip injections using multiple fillers:  Revance RHA, Restylane Kysse, and Juvéderm. Your practitioner is a skilled injector, and she will review all your options prior to treatment.

From Our Clients

“Kirstie listens to what I’d like for an outcome and made excellent suggestions for next time. She’s also gentle and kind. Natural look.”


Injectable Filler

“Great all around. It was quick and easy and was less painful than the first time for great results.”



“I’ve always been very happy and satisfied with my experience at Allegro Medspa. My fillers are perfect.”



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