Middle-aged man with erectile dysfunction

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About Precision ED

Learn more about how Precision ED Erectile Dysfunction treatments for men in Northern California can help you feel your best.

Men have a new option in Erectile Dysfunction Treatments.

There has been a revolutionary change in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Men are not restricted to Viagra, Cialis, or painful injections.  A new, painless soundwave technology can now help with erectile dysfunction.

Middle-aged man with erectile dysfunction

Who Should Get precision ed

Ideal Candidates

Learn more about how we help men just like you. 

PRECISION ED treatments are performed as a quick come and go procedure at Allegro MedSpa in Santa Rosa.  Ideal candidates are men who desire enhanced and more spontaneous erections, more sensation to the penis, and better orgasms. Precision ED has also been helpful in some cases of mild Peyronie’s disease. If it is the first time you visit us in Sonoma or Marin County for PRECISION ED erectile dysfunction treatments,, we may ask pertinent medical history questions and, if you choose, perform the treatment on the same day as your consultation. Treatments typically take about 10—15 minutes, after which you can get back to your normal day almost right away.

What to Expect

Here’s what to expect when getting Precision ED for men in Northern California.

After your treatment

After the PRECISION ED treatment, most men return to their typical work schedule, but strenuous activities, like exercise, should be postponed for at least a day. We will ask you to refrain from sexual intercourse for 24 hours.

Side Effects

The treated areas could have some tingling or swelling, but you should not have any severe or lasting side effects.


In most cases, it takes about 90 days before the full effects of Precision ED become noticeable. The results generally last around 12 months.

Follow Up

We would like to hear from you at the 3 month mark to asses your results and to schedule a follow-up appointment at Allegro MedSpa of Santa Rosa to refresh your results.

“The Precision ED procedure at Allegro Medspa was done with the utmost professionalism. I did not know what to expect , but Lisa explained it and made me feel very comfortable. I am already feeling results from the treatment. The visits are very short and the treatment is painless.”

Anonymous Happy Customer

Precision ED for Erectile Dysfunction