IV Therapy 

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IV therapy is a vitamin and mineral-infused therapy that can rejuvenate your energy, replenish nutrients, and contribute to your overall long-term well-being. IV therapy delivers these nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system where many vital nutrients are lost. The body absorbs around 90 to 100% of an IV dose, a critical reason why doctors choose IV when they need to quickly and efficiently administer medication. 

IV treatments not only correct deficiencies, but they can optimize your immune functioning, contribute to your sports performance, and much more. Providers are careful to evaluate their patients’ medical history and needs to prevent any complications from occurring.

If you are interested in top-of-the-line IV therapy that will serve to fill in the gaps in your health, consider booking a consultation at Allegro Medspa in Santa Rosa, CA. Our team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will help you find the customizable treatment you need to feel your best. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality service with the professionalism and individualized care that each patient deserves. To learn more about the vast benefits of IV therapy or our other medspa treatments, call (707) 537-2123 or get in touch using our contact form. We cannot wait to introduce you to innovative nutritional supplementation. 

About IV Therapy 

The history of IV (intravenous) therapy goes back to the mid-1800s with Dr. Thomas Latta’s invention of the IV itself. To help treat cholera, he injected saline to rehydrate patients. Since this most primitive form of the IV, doctors have found multiple uses for this alternative method of administering medications. In the early 1900s, researchers began to explore the benefits of using IV to meet the nutritional needs of patients. While this treatment cannot cure any conditions besides primary deficiencies, it can give your body the tools it needs to heal from a variety of symptoms associated with:

  • General Fatigue 
  • Fibromyalgia Pain
  • Depression/Anxiety 
  • Asthma 
  • Migraines 
  • Respiratory Infections 
  • Allergies 
  • Menstrual Pain 
  • Muscular Fatigue 
  • Certain Chronic Conditions 
  • Malabsorption Issues 
  • Cardiovascular Disease 

Many of the vitamins included in various treatments have anti-aging and cognition-boosting properties, giving patients a means of restoring both their physical and mental health. 

What is the Myers Cocktail? 

Dr. John Myers first popularized nutritional IV therapy with the development of the Myers Cocktail, a unique blend of electrolytes, vitamin C, a range of B vitamins, and more. He prescribed this recipe to his patients as a means to help patients find relief from chronic headaches, asthma symptoms, allergies, fatigue, and painful muscle spasms. (1) The Myers Cocktail made its debut in the 1970s after being reviewed by the American Holistic Medical Association. Since then, many doctors have stood by its claims; improved formulations have given patients a means of treating their symptoms without the burden of taking over-the-counter or prescription medication. 

The IV Infusion Advantage 

While IV drips cannot serve as a replacement for much-needed prescription medications, many patients see noticeable and significant differences in their energy levels and immune functioning after undergoing IV therapy sessions. It can help patients achieve higher blood concentrations of nutrients in a more timely manner when compared to oral nutrition with supplements or food.

What is Included In IV Therapy? 

Allegro Medspa will tailor a unique combination of essential nutrients to safely implement an IV therapy treatment plan. Some of the nutrients include: 

  • Magnesium, a mineral that functions as an electrolyte within the body, balancing the amount of the fluid within cells. It also serves to regulate blood pressure and optimizes the health of muscles and nerves. 
  • Calcium, another electrolyte that aids in bone strength and density while also supporting nerve connectivity. 
  • Vitamin B12 facilitates healthy DNA formation and helps prevent macrocytic anemia, a condition caused by abnormally sized red blood cells. (2) Patients often experience chronic fatigue and exhibit unusually pale skin. 
  • Vitamin B6 supports the immune system, a healthy metabolism, and optimal brain function. It is essential in the creation of new DNA molecules, the neurotransmitters that signal muscle contraction, and red blood cells. 
  • Biotin is most known for its ability to support the health of the skin and hair, but it also supports liver and nervous system functioning. 
  • Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5, helps the body use carbohydrates and fat for energy and helps with the formation of blood cells. 
  • B-complex is a term used to describe the B vitamins as a whole, giving patients the full experience of their various benefits. B-complex includes B12, B9, B7, B6, B5, B3, B2, and B1. 
  • Vitamin C is a versatile vitamin that is best known for its role in supporting immunity, but that is only one small aspect of its function within the body. It boosts collagen formation in the skin, promotes wound healing, and allows for the absorption of iron. As an antioxidant, it combats cellular damage and the effects of aging. Cellular damage is strongly associated with cardiovascular conditions, cancer, and even neurodegeneration. (3) 
  • Glutathione is an antioxidant that aids in cellular growth and the maintenance of DNA molecules. 
  • Zinc supports the immune system, DNA maintenance, and wound-healing processes. 
  • Amino acids like glycine, L-taurine, and L-glutathione are the building blocks of protein within the body, working to repair damaged tissues and restore immune system function. 

Personal Consultation

When you schedule a consultation with Allegro Medspa, we will help determine what kind of IV therapy is well-suited to your needs and explain the contents of your treatment. We will ask you about your goals for treatment and your level of commitment to the therapy. Although you will get to enjoy results right away in many cases, many patients return for multiple sessions. We will briefly overview any health risks or conditions and medications you are taking currently.  Safety and efficacy are the topmost priorities at our medspa, and we will do our best to promote a positive, productive experience. Call our Santa Rosa office at (707) 537-2123 or request a consultation online, and we will get back to you promptly. 


Before your scheduled appointment, your Allegro Medspa provider will look at your medical records and blood tests to ensure there are not any contraindications. They may take a look at your vital signs to help identify any problems with your nutritional imbalances. 

They may ask you to adjust your medications and supplements to prevent the therapy from interfering with them negatively. In certain cases, some forms of IV therapy may be unsafe; for instance, those with neuromuscular disorders must carefully monitor their magnesium intake. Patients with renal disease may develop kidney stones as a result of increased levels of Vitamin C. The team at Allegro Medspa will address any concerns specific to you to help you feel confident in your decision to undergo IV therapy. 

Treatment Steps 

IV therapy sessions only take about an hour or less. After your provider prepares your customized blend of nutrients in an IV bag, they will disinfect the inside of your elbow and inject the IV needle directly into your vein. The mechanism will slowly administer the nutrients into your bloodstream, ensuring that you do not experience unwanted side effects. We typically advise our patients to bring some form of entertainment since the process will take a while. 

The Effects of IV Therapy 

Dehydrated patients who have an imbalance of fluid and electrolytes will see an immediate improvement in their energy and concentration levels. Those with deficiencies will begin to benefit over the following days as the body utilizes this new influx of nutrients, taking time to metabolize them. Some patients simply choose to undergo IV therapy as a means of practicing a healthy lifestyle. Right after your treatment, your provider will dress the site of the needle insertion. You should take time to rest after your treatment since some patients can experience certain mild side effects, such as: 

  • Feelings of warmth and flushing 
  • A strange taste in the mouth 
  • Temporary dizziness and low blood pressure (if administered too rapidly) 
  • Rare risk of infection and/or inflammation at the injection site 

Cost of IV Therapy in Santa Rosa 

The cost of your IV therapy will depend on your specific treatment plan and the unique solution recommended for you. Your medspa provider will provide you with a total cost estimate at the time of your consultation and discuss membership perks if you are interested in continuing this form of therapy or another treatment at our practice. To get to know our other services, visit our blog

To get started today, call (707) 537-2123, visit our location in Santa Rosa or inquire about a consultation online. We cannot wait to help restore the most lively, rejuvenated self with the incredible benefits of IV therapy. 


Is IV therapy good for athletes? 

As people who expend a lot of energy and sweat while exercising, athletes can benefit greatly from the hydrating effects of IV therapy. Certain vitamins can help maintain the muscular and cardiovascular health they need to perform at their best. 

How much solution is included in IV therapy? 

Providers typically gradually administer around 500 to 1,000 milliliters of vitamins and minerals. 

Who is qualified to administer IV therapy? 

Doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners are all trained to safely perform IV therapy. 

Is IV therapy safe? 

So long as your provider evaluates your health history before treatment, IV therapy is a safe practice. You can excrete excess vitamins and minerals through urine. 


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