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We can always tell skin that has aged, but what are the causes?

Can we prevent the skin from aging prematurely? Most times genetics, environmental factors like smoking, and daily sun exposure are to blame. In women, the skin becomes thinner after menopause. We lose around 10% of the skin’s volumizer, collagen, with every decade of life.

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What Can You Do To Maintain The Vitality of Your Skin?

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Restoring vitality to aging skin begins with professional-grade skincare products that can stimulate collagen production, restore elasticity, and protect the skin from further damage. In many cases, superficial chemical peels and exfoliating treatments like the HydraFacial or Geneo are also important. And, of course, continued sun protection is paramount.

What Procedures Are There To Help The Skin?

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Hydrafacial is a great modality to unclog pores, restore hydration, and improve skin texture. Clear + Brilliant is a laser technology that some call the “Hollywood Facial,” with minimal downtime and significant results on skin texture and quality. Skin tightening modalities like NuEra or Ulthera can also tighten the face and certain other parts of the body like the abdomen and thighs.

Of course, surgery is the ultimate option, but for those who prefer nonsurgical treatments, Allegro Medspa offers a wider variety of anti-aging skin treatments.


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