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Vaginal or Sexual Health Concerns

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Sometimes our bodies change over time, especially after childbirth. Diet and exercise can help a woman regain core strength and lose the “baby weight.” However, those measures cannot help a vaginal canal that was stretched during childbirth. And sometimes, sexual arousal and libido can suffer after childbirth.

What Are My Options for Non-Surgical Improvement of Vaginal and Sexual Health Concerns?

Over the past 10 years, there have been great advances in non-surgical treatments in vaginal rejuvenation and sexual wellness. If vaginal laxity is the main concern, Viveve, a painless radiofrequency treatment, will help tighten the vaginal canal as well as aid in lubrication. If the concerns are more those of difficulty achieving orgasm, or diminished sensation in the vaginal area, then G-spot enhancement or Cliovana might be the best alternative.

What is The Best Solution for My Vaginal or Sexual Health Concerns

While we have many great options, there is no one specific treatment that can address all your concerns. During your private consultation, we can determine which combination of treatments may be the best for your individual needs.

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