Fraxel Skin Resurfacing

Fraxel in Northern California

About Fraxel in Northern California

Fraxel is an FDA-approved laser device that treats the signs of aging in the skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and sun damage (or age) spots.

This procedure carries minimal downtime.

How it works

Procedure Technique

Many times a single Fraxel treatment is sufficient, although this really depends on the patient and their goals. We usually recommend a series of 4 treatments.

After you have your Fraxel treatment, your skin may feel dry, peel, or flake. You may notice a “sandpaper” texture for a few days, while the treated area peels and fresh skin replaces it.

Fraxel is not painful for most patients. We can add topical numbing cream, a Zimmer chilling device, or ProNox for any patient who desires.

After your Fraxel treatment we ask that you do not smoke, perspire, swim or expose your skin to heat and sun until healing has occurred. We will carefully review your post Fraxel treatment to ensure you have a significant result and refreshed, beautiful skin.

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Even if you know nothing about treatments to rejuvenate the skin, Allegro MedSpa of Santa Rosa will help you choose the ideal procedure for your goals. Your newly renewed skin will thank you by looking healthy and caressingly silky. Schedule a consultation for Fraxel in northern California today.

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