What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a treatment that incorporates the use of fluids to replenish your body’s essential vitamins and minerals. Through intravenous therapy, these components can reach the bloodstream immediately, bypassing the entire digestive system where many nutrients may go unabsorbed. With regular sessions of IV therapy, you can revitalize your wellness with personalized formulations carefully crafted by a trained provider. With knowledge of your medical history, they can ensure that the therapy offers the optimal health boost and immune defense you have been searching for. If you have a condition that affects absorption or if you are lacking in a certain component, your provider can tailor the treatment to your exact needs.

At Allegro Medspa, we offer the latest IV therapy treatments, giving you the option to support your energy levels and fitness to help you get through the day. Whether you are a professional athlete or work in an office, you can treat unmet nutritional needs and recover well from workouts and illnesses with the help of this easy, comfortable treatment.

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Introduction to IV Therapy

For this therapy, your provider simply needs to insert a flexible catheter into the crease of your arm. This catheter is attached to an IV bag that slowly administers the entirety of the fluid directly into the bloodstream. With this, you can enjoy rejuvenating wellness one drop at a time. Oral supplements provide a similar effect, but many times, the body is unable to fully take advantage of the entirety of each dose, so it does not provide the same powerful boost in the same manner.

IV therapy was not as complex as today when Dr. Thomas Latta first implemented the practice in the mid-1800s. When treating cholera patients, Dr. Latta discovered that administering saline fluid via the bloodstream offered greater hydration and improved survival rates tremendously. In the 20th century, doctors began to use this method of medication administration to allow them to take effect in the body quickly and more effectively. Outside of medically necessary procedures, researchers began to discover that IV could offer nutritional benefits to everyday patients seeking greater wellness. It was first popularized in the 1970s by Dr. John Myers who developed the Myers Cocktail. Though the recipe varies from practice to practice, it includes an optimal balance of calcium, magnesium, and B and C vitamins. (1) At Allegro Medspa, we do not prescribe these treatments as a means to cure any conditions outside of certain nutritional deficiencies, but they can help equip your body to fight against various issues such as: 

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Fibromyalgia Pain
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Allergies
  • Muscular Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Conditions that Cause Malabsorption
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Respiratory Infections
  • The Effects of Anesthesia
  • Hangover Symptoms
  • Flus and Colds
  • Post-workout Inflammation

IV therapy may be able to both help relieve these symptoms and prevent their onset with the influx of essential nourishment. Our formulations contain antioxidants, substances that fight against free radicals that cause cellular damage. Free radicals play a role in the formation of cancer, vascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and other conditions related to aging. (2) Because of this unique characteristic, IV therapy can support cognitive functioning and be rejuvenating for both the mind and body.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with a licensed provider at Allegro Medspa, they will ask you about your reasons for choosing IV therapy and your expectations. They will review your health and treatment plan under the guidance of a physician from our team, so you can rest assured that your therapy will be a controlled, safe experience. They may review your blood tests to ensure you are a viable candidate for the treatment. They will then give you a breakdown of their prescribed formulation and what each ingredient does for the body, helping you feel confident that you can achieve a happier and healthier you.

We can help you integrate IV therapy into your self-care routine here at Allegro Medspa. Get in touch with our office by calling (707) 537-2123, requesting your appointment online, or stopping by our office in Santa Rosa. We look forward to teaching you more about the benefits of our IV wellness programs. 

IV Drip Therapy Formulations

Your Allegro Medspa provider will create a formulation unique to your needs while also prioritizing the safety aspects of your treatment plan. Our formulations typically consist of varying levels of the following nutrients: 

  • Magnesium. This electrolyte serves to balance the amount of fluid within the body, maintaining optimal hydration. It also plays a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and supporting nerve/muscle function.
  • Vitamin B12. This B vitamin is essential for DNA creation and the prevention of anemia. (3)
  • Calcium. This is another electrolyte that not only serves as the main building block for bone density but also supports healthy nerve function.
  • Vitamin B6. This versatile vitamin supports a wide variety of functions throughout the body, including supporting the immune system, metabolism, and cognitive function.
  • Vitamin B5. This B vitamin helps your body use carbs and fat more efficiently, causing a boost in metabolism. It is also a vital component necessary for creating blood cells.
  • B-complex. This includes the wide range of physiological benefits from 8 different B vitamins.
  • Biotin. This vitamin can support luscious, healthy hair growth and help your skin develop a glowy, youthful radiance. Besides the cosmetic benefits, it has also been shown to support a healthy nervous system and liver.
  • Vitamin C. This well-known vitamin supports immunity, boosts collagen production, aids in healing, and facilitates the absorption of iron. It is one of the most important antioxidants that fight against cellular damage.
  • Glutathione. As another antioxidant, it aids in the proper formation of DNA and cellular proliferation throughout the body.
  • Zinc. This metal is only needed in small amounts in the body, but it plays an important role in supporting the immune system, recovery processes, and DNA maintenance.
  • Amino acids. These acids are the building blocks of protein, serving to repair various tissues and the immune system as a whole.

How to Prepare

Before your IV appointment, your provider will briefly look over your medical history, any deficiencies or conditions that may be associated with malabsorption, and your blood tests. They will ask you about your current medications and supplements to ensure there are no contraindications and to eliminate the possibility of an adverse reaction. If you have a neuromuscular disorder, renal disease, or another chronic condition, you can benefit from IV therapy. Your provider will have to make specific adjustments to your therapy to prevent any complications. You will be able to speak with your provider about any other safety concerns to help you feel confident in your journey toward achieving your wellness goals.

Your IV Therapy Treatment

After preparing the contents of your IV fluid bag, you will enter our office and sit down in a comfortable treatment chair. If you wish, you can bring something to read or watch since the therapy could take up to an hour. Your provider will then cleanse the inside of your elbow and direct the IV needle, attached to the bag, into this area. Drop by drop, the infusion will take place, directly filling your bloodstream with the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Upon completion of the treatment, you may immediately notice increased energy and alertness as your body experiences full rehydration. Fat-soluble components will take a few days to weeks to take action in your physiology, whereas water-soluble components like B Vitamins and Vitamin C will metabolize more quickly. After your treatment, you may notice some minor effects such as facial redness/warmth and the taste of vitamins in your mouth.

Cost of IV Therapy in Santa Rosa

The cost of your IV therapy treatment plan will depend on how many sessions you undergo over the following months. Your Allegro Medspa provider will give you a detailed quote for the total cost of one or multiple sessions, helping you decide whether or not this is the right kind of rejuvenation you need. If you are interested in this therapy and any other medspa services we provide, consider applying for a membership to help you save and gain access to our exclusive events and promotions.

With IV therapy, you can reap the health benefits and feel like your most revitalized self. Just one treatment session can help you: 

  • Improve athletic performance and recovery
  • Fight against physical and mental signs of aging
  • Achieve wellness goals under the knowledge and guidance of a medical professional
  • Attain your personal, fitness, and career goals with more energy and enthusiasm

We invite you to schedule your consultation at our office in Santa Rosa by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (707) 537-2123. We can provide you with more details and help you answer any questions you may have about our innovative wellness solutions. 


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