Female Sexual Health

One of the greatest taboos in our society is speaking about female sexual wellness and female orgasms. While erectile dysfunction ads for men are now mainstream on TV, talk of women’s orgasms is rarely talked about. Recent surveys show that up to 70% of women do not orgasm with penetrative intercourse and most need direct stimulation of the clitoris for attaining orgasm.

Many women are stuck in a cycle of decreased arousal, low expectations during sex, low stimulation, dryness and overall dissatisfaction with their sex lives. Until recently options for women to improve their sex lives were almost non-existent. Recent advances in sexual medicine have added options for women who want to improve their sexual response, increase their libido, and enjoy sex more.

The female sexual response is physiologically slower than a man’s, although both men and women experience a similar cycle of desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. If you, as a woman, are experiencing less intense orgasms, or are having difficulty attaining an orgasm, you are not alone.

One of the biggest advances in female sexual health is a sound wave technology called Cliovana. The treatment enhances orgasms at the cellular level helping the process of regeneration and improving blood flow to the clitoral area. Cliovana is a painless treatment delivered in four short sessions over a period of two weeks, boosting the sexual response for improved long-term orgasm frequency and intensity. There are no needles, lasers, or downtime. Ideal candidates for Cliovana are women who have difficulty achieving orgasm with intercourse, have a low level of arousal, have vaginal dryness or have some dissatisfaction with their current love life.

Another way to improve orgasmic response is to inject platelet rich plasma into the vaginal and clitoral area. Platelet rich plasma has been used successfully to enhance healing in musculoskeletal tissues, to improve blood flow in the scalp for treatment of baldness, and now it is used to help improve lubrication, blood flow and orgasmic response in both men’s and women’s genital areas. Blood is drawn from a patient and the blood sample is centrifuged to concentrate the platelets, which have been shown to have healing properties in injured tissues like tendons, muscles or even the vaginal canal after birth. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into the anterior vaginal wall (G-Spot area) and also directly into the clitoris itself. The O-shot, as it is known, was invented by Dr. Charles Runels, and has helped thousands of women improve their sex lives.

Finally, because childbirth can cause stretching of the pelvic muscles and the vaginal canal, there are devices that use radiofrequency to stimulate collagen formation and help revitalize those tissues stretched by childbirth. Viveve, a painless radiofrequency treatment is one of several devices that help tighten the vaginal orifice and muscles, helping patients with a tighter entry to the vaginal canal. A nice side effect of Viveve is that, in some cases, mild urinary incontinence is improved, adding to a woman’s self-confidence during sex.

A comprehensive plan may involve a combination of two or more of these technologies. The aim is to give women multiple options as they seek to restore and improve their sexual lives, their orgasmic potential and their intimacy at home.

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